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We help you solve the money question!

It's no surprise -- adoption can be expensive. Our entire team of Adoption Finance Coaches are committed to helping you overcome any financial hurdles to adoption through an innovative service, The Adoption Finance Coaching Program.

We help our families create a comprehensive financial plan to reach your goals to bring your family together forever.

Whatever your adoption dreams may be, don't let finances be a barrier....we are here to help!

Our experienced adoption finance coaches are here to help you, so you don't have to go through this alone!


Kelly Ellison and her team of Coaches have expertise in fundraising combined with experience as adoptive parents makes this the perfect 'program to help us along the road of adoption financing.

We feel like we are working not just a group that is very good at what they  do.  Finally someone who understands what we are going through as a family.

Before meeting with Kelly, we had a plan as to how we would finance our adoption, but felt a lot of stress about how it would all finally work out. For us, working with Kelly and her team gave us not only tools to help with our adoption expenses, but also peace of mind. Working with this system has opened doors that we did not even know existed. We are grateful for her help and her heart.

Participating Attorneys


Tsong Law Group*


Law Office of Susan Stockham **


Law Office of Jean M Cavaliere **


Law Office of Susan Garner Eisenman  **


Services provided by Your Adoption Finance Coach.  GGR Group, LLC, Kansas City, MO